Who can attend BHCA?

While members of Bible Holiness Church have first priority in the application process, we are welcoming additional Kindergarten applications from the community.

What grades do you offer?

We offer K-12 classes.

Will students graduate from an accredited school?

Yes. We offer accreditation through Abeka.

Does each child need to be tested before they start their first year at BHCA?

An Entrance Exam may be administered if verifiable transcripts are not available.

What curriculum do you use?

We use Abeka curriculum with supplementation as needed.

Do you offer discounts to families with several children?

We sure do! Please head over to our Tuition and Financial Aid page to see the current rates.

Can I volunteer?

ABSOLUTELY! Contact the school faculty to see where you can help out.

Are there school trips?

For sure! We take field trips with the classes throughout the year.

Since this is a ministry of the church, will it be considered tax-deductible?

Tuition would be payment for services rendered, so it would not be tax-deductible. However, all monetary gifts given as donations to BHCA would be considered tax-deductible.